Multiple Line Poker

Multiple Line Poker

The decision you make in online betting video poker games after the first rounds of cards are dealt becomes even more crucial when you are playing the game in the multiple line form.

In some unibet casino games it is possible to play with up to 50 active lines and the cards you choose to hold on your opening line will remain in the exact same position in all the other lines you selected to play with at the very start of the game.

All the other cards will then be replaced in every line in a random draw from the pack. This gives you lots of chances of hitting one of the qualifying hands and as a result picking up a decent payout.

A good starting point to have in multiple line poker is a high pair which already qualifies you for at least your money back in the game. It will also give you a good chance of landing a few three-of-a – kind hands across some of your lines and as a result enhancing your payout even further.

The more difficult cards to hold are those when you have to develop into a hand. This requires a lot of luck in the next round so it is always a risk at this stage to take the cards into the next stage. However, it is even riskier to take no cards at all into the second round because then you are relying on chance more for hands to develop. There is a strong possibility here that not much will develop so it is always a good idea to at least hold down your Aces or a couple of cards that are from the same suit.